5 Piece Aluminum Tuning Fork Set

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This set of tuning forks makes a clever addition to your sensory play tool box. Each fork is crafted to vibrate at a specific frequency when struck against a hard surface or with another object. Imagine the sensations you can elicit from your partner when placing a vibrating fork against another metal object that is already on or in their body! Urethral sounds, metal anal plugs or dildos, piercing jewelry, metal cock and ball toys, the possibilities are endless! This set arrives in a zippered case, and the forks range in vibrational frequency from 128 hertz for the largest fork to 2084 hertz for the smallest. The largest two forks have adjustable tuner heads that can be positioned as you like to produce a variety of other vibrational frequencies as well.

Measurements: XL Fork: 8 inches long, 128 Hz, Large Fork: 7.13 inches long, 216 Hz, Medium Fork: 6.38 inches long, 512 Hz, Small Fork: 5.13 inches long, 1024 Hz, XS Fork: 4.75 inches long, 2084 Hz

Material: Aluminum

Note: A hex key (not included) is required to adjust the tuner heads on the adjustable forks