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So we all been following the Fifty shades of Grey craze and realized they were going to cash in on this movie sooner or later. Now that the director has finally been selected for this movie,  Sam Taylor-Johnson who gave us the very underated Nowhere Boy. We all heard about that book that got many "soccer moms" into erotic bondage toys such as as benwa balls and restraints, we are quite happy that it is helping get bondage more mainstream and acceptable because women are curious about exploring their sexual nature.


Christian Grey is the male protagonist of the book and probably has become the fantasy of women everywhere because of his handsome, charming, and kinky behavior in BDSM. That being said, Christian creates an sexual firestorm of acceptance because the way he gets the shy Anastasia Steele to experiment in his fetish of BDSM. Experimenting is the keyword here, any form of implementation involves the willful participation of allowing your partner to restrain you and render you helpless.


We are very excited to share in this enlightment of getting people who are curious to bring in toys to enhance their play in the bedroom. For beginners and starters here are some toys that can get you in light BDSM play right away.


In addition to the books and the movie, Fifty Shades erotic toys have become more prevalent ranging from Benwa balls and Masquerade Masks.


I’m going to list best selling Fifty Shades of Grey Toys.


1. Fifty Shades of Play Kit

Beyond Exquisites

2. Lelo mini luna beads

3. Bondage Set

4. The Grey Tie

5. Feather Tickler

6. Fifty Shades Handcuffs


7.Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

8. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Boxed Set


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