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1. Best Realistic Cock Vibrator

"When you just want a sex toy to resemble your favorite male pornstar,  down to every vein and ridge, and complete with squeezable balls ."

James Deen signature cock


2. Most Innovative Vibrator

"Ever felt your just dry bagging a vibrator because you can't get wet? Introducing the world's first self lubricating vibrator."

Cascade lubricating vibe


3. Best Couples Vibrator

"Sharing is caring, satisfy you and your partner at the same time with this Patented couples vibe. And its Wireless too, sorry it dosen't make breakfast"

We-Vibe III

4. Best Garment/Discreet Vibrator

"Getting off in public place and pulses to the sound of music? No way! "

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2

5. Best Rabbit Dual Sensation Vibrator

"The ultimate luxury vibrator that looks better then any household item in your home"

Lelo Soraya Dual-Action


6. Best High Intensity Massage Vibrator

"Get off in 15 secs? How about round 2...3...wait I lost count"

Hitachi Magic Wand

7.Best Mini Bullet Vibrator

"Control the expression of your partner while she tries to keep a straight face, the hardest part is holding your glee in"

Wireless Versi-Bullet

8. Best G-spot Vibrator

"Never felt a G spot orgasm before? You never experienced real sex before, now go get yourself one and tell your friends how it changed your life"


G-Vibe 6

Fifty Shades Of Play Kit

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Fifty Shades Of Play Kit
Fifty Shades Of Play Kit Fifty Shades Of Play Kit Fifty Shades Of Play Kit Fifty Shades Of Play Kit

Here it is! Want to satisfy your inner Christian Grey and Ana Steele fantasies? Based on New York Times best selling book, here are the best collection of toys from Fifty Shades Grey. Seduce your lover or just get yourself in the mood with this entire set of toys based on the novel, whether your feeling naughty or just want to roleplay with light bondage play. This beginners introduction will get you feeling frisky.

Signature Masquerade Mask-Let your inner exhibitionist free with this sultry mask, designed to keep your lover guessing. Painted in glittering metallic hues, this mask is a simple and elegant way to tie on a little mystique.

Grey Tie- "He crawled on top of me and secured his tie around my waiting wrists, securing them together. The silken grey tie binding my wrists feels sexy and soft....what are you doing....I ask demurely. Sir simply responds....setting you free... "

Bondage Tape -This 30 foot roll of tantalizing tape is long enough to tie you up and keep you delightfully restrained for hours of playtime. Designed to be used multiple times, this glossy PVC tape is non-sticky so it will not leave a residue or cause painful removal. Simply overlap the ends to keep the tape in place.

Suede Flogger-With a flick of your wrist, you can deliver big pleasure, wrapped up in a small package. Measuring just 15.75 inches from end to end, this little whip is crafted from sensual, flexible, and soft suede strips that leave a whisper of sensation across skin.

Everything is made from high quality material, you can trust this is our best selling kit that voted by our customers. For a limited Time- FREE SHIPPING!

Clone A Willy Kit Review

For all the gentlemen out there who have the big man syndrome and refuse to let their girlfriends and wives play with dildos and vibrators because of the fear that they get emasculated that they would no longer need them. There is a toy out there called the Clone a Willy kit which essentially makes a mold of your penis down to every last detail. If you ever feel bad about leaving town and want your girl to still have a piece of you while your gone, this toy will give her the constant satisfaction of you right by her side when she’s thinking of you.

Get your own Clone a Willy Kit at BeyondExquisites today by using the special discount code Hip10!



Fifty Shades of Grey Actress Selected

So we all heard about that book that help us men getting more action in the past year, I for one am quite happy that finally the female equivalent of “porn” that they can accept. It seems that for men its easy for us to get aroused just by looking at a women walk down the street with a skirt on. Women on the other hand erotic perversions are based completely on mood and mental capacity to get aroused. So I been following the Fifty shades of Grey craze and realized they were going to cash in on this movie. One of the actresses selected to play Anastasia Steel is the Allison Williams from the HBO hit Girl’s. I watch the show and found it quite refreshing to have a group of hipster girls finding an identity with jobs, love, and life. What do you think of her playing the part? Not pretty enough? I for one think she dosen’t exhibit the sexiness the role requires.

article image

In addition to the books and the movie, Fifty Shades erotic toys have become more prevalent ranging from Benwa balls and Masquerade Masks.

I’m going to list best selling Fifty Shades of Grey Toys.

1. Masquerade Masks

2. Fifty Shades of Play Kit

3. Bondage Set

4. The Grey Tie

5. Feather Tickler

6. Fifty Shades Handcuffs

7. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Boxed Set

Again if you want to fulfill your inner Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele head over to our site.  And for Men who just want to get their women in the mood, remember it’s all mental!  Use code hip10 to get 10% off the entire order. All Rights Reserved.
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