Deluxe Rubber Straight Jacket

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Experience the pleasure of having your slave bound by this Deluxe Rubber Straight Jacket. Watch them squirm in anticipation as they are helpless and at your mercy. This Deluxe Rubber Straight Jacket will keep your slave comfortable yet securely tied up.

Benefits and Features:
  • Jacket is crafted with .90 gauge latex.
  • 3 straps are located in the back for a secure and tight fit.
  • A pair of zippers are located on the front to allow you to expose your slave's breast. A great feature as this allows you to use nipple toys.
  • 2 thigh straps for a better fit around the bottom.
  • 3 inch collar with 2 inch diameter buckle strap.
  • 2 adjustable straps at bottom of jacket to fit between the legs and around the ass.
Sizes and Measurements:
  • Small: Chest is 35 to 37 inches; Waist is 27 to 31 inches.
  • Medium: Chest is 38 to 40 inches; Waist is 32 to 34 inches.
  • Large: Chest is 42 to 44 inches; Waist is 35 to 38 inches.
  • Extra Large: Chest is 45 to 48 inches; Waist is 39 to 42 inches.