Fresh alligator nipple clamps - blue

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The Fresh Alligator Nipple Clamps from PHS International. These nipple clamps are adjustable for fine-tuned pleasure. Features a 12" curbed chain. Made with skin safe materials.
Alligator: Alligator Clamps are basically smaller versions of Plier clamps. Alligator Clamps work almost the same way as a spring tension close pins – the tabs on the open end are pushed together causing the closed end to open and to be then attached or pinched onto the desired object. Alligator clamps differ from close pins in that they have a pressure screw which when turned in lessens the amount of pressure on the object being pinched. Alligator clamps are made of steel and are either powder coated black or chrome plated silver – in M2M and H2H or are anodized pink or blue in Fresh. The rubber tips on the end of the clamps are to protect the nipples from injury. The steel chain connecting the clamps is 12” in length