Funzone fresh brew bottom

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The Fun Zone Fesh Brew Bottom stroker. In peachy flesh tones, this puckered butt swallows you up through its extra-tight 0.25 inch opening into a canal punctuated with intense bumps at the entrance and pulling you into a ribbed canal that provides ultra-realistic anal sex sensations. Made from Realistic Touch, this handheld masturbator feels exactly like real flesh and skin, increasing your solo pleasure and the quality of your orgasms. Stretchy, squeezable and oh-so tight, you'll wonder why you ever settled for your hand once you experience the pleasures of this discreet stroker. Created to emulate anal sex as closely as possible, the opening is a tiny 0.25 inches in diameter but yields effortlessly to your thrust.
Lavish the insides with a good dose of water-based lubricant before use and enjoy the intense stimulation that only real penetration can rival. Disguised in a plastic case with a lid that resembles a portable drinks cup, this unit is incredibly discreet and will go unnoticed when tucked away in a drawer. The case also features a hole in the base which allows for varied suction. As you feel your sexual tension build, cover the hole to create a delicious vacuum to further intensify stimulation. The sleeve and case are completely waterproof, meaning you can use them in the bath or shower as desired. You can also place the sleeve in a sink of hot water to warm it up to body temperature, further adding to the realistic experience of this exceptional masturbator.
Easily cleaned, the sleeve and case can be washed with antibacterial soap and sex toy cleaner. Dry the unit thoroughly and use a renewer powder on the sleeve to keep it in pristine condition and prolong the life of the product.