Leather Spanking Skirt- Small to Medium

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Made for the true spanking enthusiast, this skirt will not disappoint! Made from high quality leather, this skirt will fit great and be comfortable and very secure. Now you can put your bad girl or boy in this and give them the spanking of a lifetime for disobeying your orders. Each skirt covers the front of your partner while the back exposes from the middle to the top of their ass, giving you a great target for any whip, cane, paddle or your good old hand.

  • Small/Medium:
    • Waist Strap: Fits between 25.5 and 31 inches.
    • Ass Strap: Fits between 33 and 38 inches.
    • Thigh Strap: Fits between 35.5 and 41 inches.
  • Medium/Large:
    • Waist Strap: Fits between 29 and 34.5 inches.
    • Ass Strap: Fits between 37 and 43 inches.
    • Thigh Strap: Fits between 38.5 and 44 inches.