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What are Squirting and Ejaculating Dildos?

 Our 2018 best seller! The Squirting Dildos gives you an realistic sensation of an real penis but it also ejaculates liquid from the tip of the dildo just like the real thing. Providing you an incredibly life-like sensation of sex and climax by squeezing the the included syringe to ejaculate fake cum with a mighty force all over you. This lifelike dildo features a suction cup base so you can stick it to any flat surface for the ultimate hands-free stimulation. Using the highest quality material that feels very soft and comfortable and with the squeeze of the included bulb, the liquid solution is released as a powerful ejaculation that may just send you over the edge! Perfect for you and and to share the experience with somebody else, show him/her just how exciting sex toys can be.


How it works?


Operating the Squirting Dildo is actually quite easy. Fill a bowl with some lube then point the dildo head towards the bowl and squeeze on the pump to absorb the solution. The absorbed liquids will be travel to the base of the dildo reservoir. Lastly, just squeeze the pump and the dildo will ejaculate the liquids directly from the tip. Remember not to aim at the eye...or do.

Measurements: Approx. 5.5 inches insertable length and approx. 6 inches circumference at widest point.

Material: Latex-free PVC.

Color: Flesh. 


Limited Time Bonus Includes a 3 Sample packs of Spunk Hybrid Cum Lube for FREE!  








Which one should you choose-We have gone through hundreds of dildos to give you our top pics and recommendations to fulfill your erotic fantasies. Get the super realistic feel of a real penis but can also squirt out cum and vibrate at the same time. The experts here at BeyondExquisiteshave found the best squirting toys and vibrators to simulate the visceral  but realistic climax of sex. Not only do you get the texture of super soft pvc , these toys come equipped with reservoir to insert safe fluids that look and feel very similar to ejaculation.


Picking the right size and function-There are variety of sizes and functions for squirting dildos to pick from. Picking the size that fits you is very important on how you enjoy it. The realistic squirting dildo has the shortest length and best for beginners, while the Vibrating Ejaculating Penis has the longest length and is great for pros. The squirting function on the squirting dildo also has the furthest reach. While the rest of the ejaculating dildos have a modest squirting experience which is good for easier cleanup. 


Shape and Material-While all the dildos have similar shape, they are all made from different materials. The Realistic Squirting dildo and Vibrating Ejaculating Penis have the most realistic skin material, and the others have a more a of a stiffer feeling for more of an intense experience.


Jizz Cum Scented Lube squirting dildos for women

Pump Inculuded Ejaculating Realistic Squirting Dildo


realistic2.jpg Deep Dickin Derek 12 Inch Ejaculating Dildo Thick Thomas 7 inch Ejaculating Dildo
Product The Realistic Squirting Dildo Ejaculating Dildo w/pump Vibrating Ejaculating Penis Derek Ejaculating Dildo Thomas Ejaculating Dildo
Length 5.5" 5.5" 6.75" 9.5" 5.75"
Circumference 2" 1.75" 2" 2.43" 2"
Suction Yes Yes No No No
Ejaculates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extras Syring Pump Pump Remote vibrating tip Big! N/A
Sale price $39.00 $44.88 45.88 $49.88 $36.88
Review 9.0/10 9.5/10 9.0/10 8.5/10 8.5/10


Ejaculating Dildos



Here are the top 6 choices


 Ejaculating Realistic Squirting Dildo with Pump

1. Ever wondered how it feels to be bukkaked? With more then twice the reservoir of the previous model this Ejaculating Dildo is a enhanced version with a upgraded pump, fill him up and let him blow his load all over you! This fine toy has a pair of balls that holds one ounce of liquid, primed and ready to explode all over your partner The ultra realistic material feels just like an actual cock, and the detail in the textured shaft and head is second to none. This premium version includes a attached pump for a super lifelike ejaculation! The super pliable PVC rubber is phthalate-free and is nice and firm, with just enough flexibility.


2.This Realistic Vibrating Squirting dildo is the first to combine vibration and ejaculating features. With its longer and deeper length this silky, realistic skin texture, this cock is something to behold! You can fill the balls and squeeze them when you are ready to blow his load with a life-like ejaculation! The vibrating tip has a variable speed control for hands on clitoral stimulation. On sale now for $39.88 for a limited time!


3. Ready for some serious deep dickin? Get your hands on Derek Ejaculating dildo and let the intense penetration begin! This formidable dildo is going to take you some patience and lube to accommodate its full length and girth, but experiencing the realistically detailed cock head and shaft slide in, all the way to the balls, will be an erotic reward all its own. Once you have conquered this behemoth, reward yourself with the ultimate payoff. Squeeze the balls and Derek will ejaculate on you or in you or use a ejaculating strapon The balls hold about half an ounce of liquid, and are easy to fill. Just place the tip in your liquid of choice, depress the balls, and release. Derek is fully loaded and ready to go!




4. This exciting ejaculating dildo has plenty of girth and a nice, fat cock head to fill you up and get you off. The slick, pliable PVC material has a slight amount of give and flexibility for those looking for a nice, stiff toy that is perfect for driving home into tight spaces. Loading Thomas up is so easy! Just insert the tip into your favorite liquid, squeeze the balls, and release. The round, lifelike balls hold about half an ounce of liquid. When you are ready for a super realistic ejaculation, just squeeze again and let Thomas blow his load on you or inyou. The flat base allows Thomas to stand up unaided, and his thick shaft will have you screaming for more!


Want to enhance your squirting dildo? Add the revolutionary cum scented lube that looks,feels, and smells like authentic cum! It is white, creamy, and musky…just like the real thing. Non staining, it stays slick and cleans up easily. Now you can have jizz in a bottle, whenever, wherever you need it!



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Why get a squirting sex toy? Well if your looking for a sextoy because your a webcam performer or just want the raw satisfaction of getting cum on you after orgasm or just want to show your partner how kinky you are then this is for you. 








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  • 5
    Use it all the time

    Posted by Benjamin on 2nd Jul 2019

    I use this with my SO all the time and it has been a mainstay in our bedroom. Its unlike any other toy we ever used before and it does get quite messy but she loves it.

  • 5
    Amazing fat dildo

    Posted by Jonathoan on 12th Mar 2019

    This amazing dildo is Big and fun. A little hard though. For people who can't get a good squirt you need to have the balls on the up side. Not hanging upside down just the shaft parallel to the ground with the balls on the high side of the thing.

  • 5
    Vibrating Squirting dildos

    Posted by Max on 7th Mar 2019

    Perfect for what I needed it for. it vibrates and it squirts and it also has good suction.

  • 5
    Derek ejaculating dildo

    Posted by dianem1985@yahoo.co.uk on 12th May 2016

    I got the large Derek ejaculating dildo. I have to say it was definitely worth the money though, as one of the other reviewers says, it's just a bit too big! Theres no way its ever going to fully fit inside. I'm probably going to get a smaller one with a suitable belt but don't get me wrong this is was well worth it! As I've never had a real one inside my vaj I can't say how realistic it is but it really does feel good. I had to water down the fake cum but it works perfectly. I've since use other lubes etc instead of buying more fake cum. They work just as well.

  • 5
    I like a big fat cock so it's great for me and the squirting cum is even better

    Posted by Big fanny on 26th Nov 2015

    I like a big thick cock inside me so it was great for me and when I squeezed the balls and shot its load inside me it was just like the real thing... I was wet through and loved it..I squeezed the cum all over my face and sucked it off so got two for the price of one..I love it..Better than the real thing..I use it every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day because i cant get enough of the cum inside me as its feels so real..You need to try it if you like a big fat cock squirting its load inside you..Im off to try it now as i've turned myself on so much writing this....I will need to order loads more bottles of cum lube as it's creamy and musky and i've used loads and i've nearly run out again.. Dont forget only order it if you like a big fat cock inside you because it's huge...You Happy fucking and sucking off..The lube even taste great...

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Apr 2015


  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2015

    Very first thing I noticed is how HUGE it is! I was very intimidated when I opened the package, but I'm so glad I got it! No other dildo makes me feel the way this one does!
    Although, I could definitely do without the super strong rubber smell

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2015

    Other than it could be a bit longer but was great just the same. I bought the jiz with the cock and that's just a bit thick to work well but I deluted it some with water and it worked fantastic

  • 4
    Really lubes

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2015

    Squirter could be a little beefier, but it works. Wife loved it, could keep adding the jizz lube that came with it while using it on her and then get super sloppy seconds after. Awesome!!!