The Cone - VF781-Black

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The Cone is one of the more uniquely shaped vibrators available.

The Cone is powered by a 3000 RPM Gold Brush Motor, which delivers a great amount of vibration to your vagina or anus. There are 16 different programs for use, each of which is controlled by a button press on the side. When you're ready for the ultimate, just hit the button and jump into orgasm mode -- an extreme level of vibration that may just push you over the edge.

Due to its shape and size, The Cone can be placed in several possible positions, maximizing the comfort level that you can reach. You can be in a sitting, lying down or crouched position. You can even place The Cone against the wall for a special doggie style sensation. You can use The Cone in all of these positions hands-free, giving you a chance to use your hands for other stimulation. The possibilities of the use of this product are endless.

The Cone is made of super-soft plastic coating meaning it will feel nice against your vagina or anus during use. You can even lube it up for easier insertion and clean up is easy by using any adult toy cleaner.

Note: The Cone is not waterproof and cannot be immersed in water.

The Cone measures 5 inches in height and 7.25 inches in diameter. It uses 3 C batteries for operation (not included).