The Octo-Pressure Handheld Massager

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Massage can aid in healing, increase circulation, promote relaxation, and banish tension and anxiety. With 8 arms to stroke and please, this adorable little octopus makes for the perfect handheld massager! The Octo-Pressure Massager is sized to fit right in the palm your hand, with 8 little arms to work out all your kinks. The 8 points of contact disperse the pressure evenly across the surface of your skin, so there is no uncomfortable digging or poking. Ideal for massaging aches and pains in your shoulders, back, temples, feet, arms, belly....anywhere! The slick plastic feels heavenly as it glides effortlessly across your skin...use alone or with a partner for an amazing acupressure massage. You can even use this fun little sea creature in the bath or shower for the ultimate in relaxation.

Measurements: 3 inches tall, 3.75 inches in diameter

Material: ABS Plastic

Color: Teal