Who is the Fifty Shades of Grey Actress

So we all heard about that book that help us men getting more action in the past year, I for one am quite happy that finally the female equivalent of “porn” that they can accept. It seems that for men its easy for us to get aroused just by looking at a women walk down the street with a skirt on. Women on the other hand erotic perversions are based completely on mood and mental capacity to get aroused. So I been following the Fifty shades of Grey craze and realized they were going to cash in on this movie. One of the actresses selected to play Anastasia Steel is the Allison Williams from the HBO hit Girl’s. I watch the show and found it quite refreshing to have a group of hipster girls finding an identity with jobs, love, and life. What do you think of her playing the part? Not pretty enough? I for one think she dosen’t exhibit the sexiness the role requires.


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In addition to the books and the movie, Fifty Shades erotic toys have become more prevalent ranging from Benwa balls and Masquerade Masks.


I’m going to list best selling Fifty Shades of Grey Toys.


1. Masquerade Masks


2. Fifty Shades of Play Kit

3. Bondage Set


4. The Grey Tie


5. Feather Tickler


6. Fifty Shades Handcuffs


7. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Boxed Set



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